Golem Character Introduction: Alena Francon

Oct 03, 2021 by PD Alleva



Introducing Alena Francon


Artist. Philanthropist. Sculptor. 


Alena Francon enjoys the simple things in life; friends, wine, art, and good conversation. After her parents death Alena inherited the Francon Mansion on Long Island, and the ClairField Inn in Manhattan. Her philanthropic endeavors have provided Alena with a stellar reputation among the New York social elites including actors, writers, mayors, government officials, and the NYPD. 


But here’s the rub in the Alena Francon story, she’s been committed to Bellevue’s psychiatric facility for the past nine months, the result of a mental breakdown and possible schizophrenia. She keeps the doctors and staff on their toes and on high alert, considering that she’s exhibited acts of violence towards staff. Alena’s violent exploits even landed a staff member in the ICU after Alena cracked his skull against a wall. 


Plus, she’s been indulging in her delusions. According to Alena she incarnated a demonic presence into a statue she sculpted in 1947, a demon with the name Golem. 


When Alena sees a picture of the District Attorney’s missing daughter, Isabelle, in a newspaper she begins to raise holy hell, demanding to provide her story to the police. Alena purports to know the whereabouts of the DA’s daughter. According to Alena, Isabelle’s become one of Golem’s demonic minions, continuing to wreak havoc on the good people of New York. 


Now if she could just get someone to believe her story, perhaps Golem’s reign will come to an end. But when you know the devil is always in the details, who can you trust?



Author Note: Alena was a combination of more than three women, all of whom have had a large impactful role over the course of my life. Alena is gentle but strong, fearful yet courageous, and intelligent although naïve when it comes to matters of the heart and the streets. My goal with Alena was for the reader to fall absolutely head over heels for Alena Francon, wanting, hoping, and wishing for her to overcome and turn Golem’s plan on its head. Walking side by side with a character, through all the hell they endure, the hardships, victories, and battles of the heart and soul connects the reader in a way that relates the reader to the character in a most profound manner. I want the reader to be in Alena’s mind and skin. Want them to feel as she does, with all the fear, terror, and hope, even during the most dire and hopeless turn of events. Alena is an angel, that’s for sure. Check her out, I do believe you’ll enjoy what you find. 


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