PD Alleva

PD Alleva has enjoyed a stellar and successful career as a psychotherapist. Now retired, Mr. Alleva is dedicated to producing exemplary fiction to a wide audience. His interests in spiritual concepts, conspiracy theories, and the unknown are filtered into his writing style. He believes great storytelling should be entertaining and engaging while cutting into the heart of humanity. 

His education in behavioral health is equaled by his education in mysticism and ancient philosophy. He has always held a profound interest in the paranormal, supernatural and the unknown. A witness to two UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley, NY area in the late 80's, Mr. Alleva explores and studies ancient alien theories (and yes, he has a few of his own). During his career as a psychotherapist, Mr. Alleva has seen and experienced multiple facets of the power of the human mind, heart and spirit. He brings his interests and expertise in these subjects into his storytelling. 

PD began writing as a child. His literary and personal journey is a triumph of mind, body, heart and existential experience. His major literary influences are: Poe, King, Hemingway, Shelley, Dan Brown, Lovecraft and Clive Barker – to name a few

PD is a Sci-Fi, Horror and Dark Literature author. His fiction is a profound exploration of the human mind, parallel universes, dystopian concepts, alien conspiracies, paranormal and supernatural existence and of course, the depths of the human heart.