PD Alleva

PD is a prolific word-weaver, developing and creating high caliber novels in the scifi, horror, dark fiction and thriller genres. An admitted conspiracy theorist (and yes he has a few of his own), ancient alien theorist and student of secret teaching and philosophy, PD is a retired hypnotist and behvioral therapist who has experienced more than his share of the dark hearts of human existence.

"Once in a while, you come across a book that you read and re read and then, you read it back and forth, underlining passages that have left a mark on your heart and soul. PD Alleva's 'Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer' is one such work. It is raw, tragic, numbing, disturbing and beautiful in the same breath." ~ Dr. Henana Berjes, Author of the International Best Seller, The Mahzur

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