PD Alleva

PD is a prolific word-weaver, developing and creating high caliber novels in the scifi, horror, dark fiction and thriller genres. An admitted conspiracy theorist (and yes he has a few of his own), ancient alien theorist and student of secret ancient teaching and philosophy, PD is a retired hypnotist and behvioral therapist who has experienced more than his share of the dark hearts of human existence. His dark fiction series, Beyond the Chamber Door, continues to earn stellar reviews. He is currently writing book three in this series of a standalone installments. Also currently in development is his new dystopian scifi thrill ride, The Rose, a two volume series and prelude to the upcoming Indigo Trials, featuring alien vampires and a human/alien conspiracy to turn the human race into slaves. The Rose Vol 1 and book three in Beyond the Chamber Door (tentatively titled Golem) will be available later this year 2019.

PD loves his readers. His philosophy on marketing is simple: Why give those hard earned marketing dollars to companies that are already drowning in cash? As a result, he encourages his readers to sign up for his newsletter. Why? Well, not only will you receive up to date informaiton on new and future books, preorders, cover reveals, exerpts, and beta reader opportunities, anyone who opts in to his newsletter will receive the opportunity to be a part of continous monthly (and sometimes weekly) raffles. Now that's how to spend those marketing dollars. 

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