Alchemy And Science Fiction

Nov 19, 2020 by PD Alleva

Alchemy And Science Fiction




People have been asking how I came up with the title, The Rose, for my new dystopian science fiction novel. Kind of an off title when you think about it, for what does a rose have to do with science fiction let alone a dystopian society? When I sat down to write The Rose, my original idea was to pen a short story, a prelude to a trilogy I was writing titled The Indigo Trials, with the purpose to provide a backstory to the super power that was featured in the trilogy. But what is the super power? Well, keep on reading because the answers are here, although an explanation and some back-story are required.


I’ve always been intrigued by magic, wizardry, and quantum physics including concepts about time travel, alternate dimensions, and time as a construct. Subjects that have always remained on the brain as a means to explain what has historically been seen as unexplainable, but there’s always an explanation isn’t there? Even if said explanation hasn’t been discovered, at least not in the present moment. What is magic? Wizardry? Time travel? Do alternate dimension and parallel universes exist? Maybe, but then again maybe not, but what I do know is that these concepts make for great fiction. 


My research into the surreal, supernatural, quantum, and ethereal concepts began a long time ago and as a result I’ve had the honor of knowing some truly great individuals along the way. For a long time my social circle consisted of clairvoyants, empaths, world-renowned philosophers, scientists (mostly at the quantum or science of mind level), and gurus. So, during my clickity click clicking of keys on my keyboard during The Indigo Trials I had a revelation: the story required a super power. An advanced weapon that featured the power of the mind over matter, which is when the idea dawned on me: Alchemy. 


A few years ago one of my mentors had been engaging in alchemy, being taught by some of the most advanced alchemists the world over and I remembered an email he had forwarded to me from his alchemist teacher. So I searched for the email and came across what was titled: The Rose Meditation. 


For those of you who don’t know what alchemy is I’ll give a quick definition (two actually). Alchemy is the ability to transform chemical structures; the ability to turn lead into gold with a simple thought. Another way of looking at alchemy is as a metaphor for the ability to take adversity and make it work in your favor with a “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” philosophy. Whichever definition gets your goat is fine but here’s the rub, alchemists see the first definition as a fact and not some cooked up metaphorical version of their craft. Just saying. With all that being said, the alchemist who wrote the email specifically stated that the Rose meditation was for protection, a way for the individual practicing the meditation to clear out negative energy and negative influence from the mind, heart, cells, and spirit. To be in control of what they allow to enter into their ethereal plane, hopefully choosing to manifest strong vibrational emotions like gratitude, joy, and confidence.



So, I read the email (and put the rose meditation into practice because I do enjoy a good meditation) and ya know what, the meditation works. Unfortunately there’s no gold from lead (perhaps that comes later in the training?) however the protection is there, the right to choose what you allow in with the ability to transform negative wavelengths and vibrational patterns. I also discovered that the mediation is a great method for empaths to use when their energy is being suckled on by an energy vampire. The rose meditation is a great practice to deter (or transform) negative energy vibrations that exist in the mind, body, and ethereal plane, with a result that leaves the recipient calm, clear, and confident. Or, it’s just some really cool shit to help you feel better. LOL.  


Of course the problem was no gold from lead, however, we are talking about fiction here and my thought process was that the ability to transform chemistry would be all too cool as a super power so I kept that aspect of alchemy as a reality in the story. I also amped up the meditation to include the ability to suspend gravity and move objects with a simple thought. Kind of a cool superpower if you ask me, combining telekinesis with the ability to transform the object into whatever the mind needs, desires, or wants. 


Although, don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself. Below is an excerpt from The Rose, when Phil (the rebel freedom fighter) is practicing his use of this superpower. All the information in the alchemist’s email was transferred to write this pivotal scene. I hope my alchemist friends are satisfied with the transformation.



The Rose Vol. 1 Excerpt:


He sat cross-legged, leaning against the door, ran his hand through his thick sandy blonde locks. Closed his eyes, listening to the voice of Robyn Winter, his training of the rose. 

            Find the center of your mind, feel it, sense it, be within it. Now reach out your hand, see the rose at the edge of your fingertips. The calm red lines. The stem, strong, its roots in the earth. Let your hand down. See the rose in front of you. An extension of the center of your mind. In between you and the rose, this is your space, and nothing can come between yourself and the rose. Nothing! Only what you allow in. Allow nothing to enter that is dark. Allow only white light.

            Surrounding Phil was the white light, so bright the once dark hallway shined with light. 

            Now look through the rose. Extend the light through its calm vibration. This light is the color of gold. You choose what can enter. Be one with the light. The light is an extension of you, of your heart. You can move freely within this light, untouched by fear, immune to hate. There is only your essence. The essence of the light of your cells, your calm vibration through the rose. It is protection, a shield where anything that enters your sacred space is yours to bend and manipulate. Suspend gravity. Move objects with a thought.

            The gold light stretched like a mushroom cloud billowing off the edges of white light. More than double the size, the gold light carried a thickness to it, as if it were a shield, manipulating the atoms in close proximity, creating a solid substance. 

            Phil drew breath in to his nose, slow and steady. The light mirrored his breath, contracting upon inhale, expanding and loosening with the exhale. He opened his eyes, seeing the light and holding it. He practiced dissipating the doors and walls around him, turning what was once solid matter into light. 

            And somewhere in the in-between, Phil could sense it, a place inside the rose where he wouldn’t allow himself to fully invest. Beneath the rose there was a rumble, a vibrating thunder under his control. With it the fear of letting go, or losing control. Phil dropped his head, staring at the floor. His light dissipated. The hallway turned to normal. He waited for Sandy’s escape, knowing his choice was spiraling towards him.