The Gates of Golorath 

by R.M. Garino



Synospis(courtesy of Amazon):


Fate weaves it’s own design but the angels have severed the strands. 

Destined for each other from childhood, Angus and Arielle meet at The Gates. They were made to seamlessly fight side by side and reclaim the status their people once held.

But there are many who are jealous, and oppose their union. Others have a darker design all their own. Arielle and Angus must fight to stay together. 

Strange events cast doubt on their future at the military complex. With their ride or die squads by their sides; they battle against the monsters invading their land, the Blademasters, and the full force of the Gates. 

Can they stand against what others expect of them and endure all the legendary horrors yet to come? 


My Review:


R.M. Garino has managed to develop an outstanding, well written fantasy with richly developed characters, plot and storytelling. Admittedly, I was lost in the beginning (Prologue and Chapter One), although the writing style coupled with the author’s prolific story telling expertise jumped this hurdle quite quickly and I found myself engaged in the story (sucked into it actually) all too quickly. 


My rating for The Gates of Golorathis Five out of Five stars. Any fan of the Fantasy genre must add this book to their TBR list; they will be pleasantly surprised with the heart behind the story and relationship between Angus and Arielle. Frequent plot twists, epic battles and expertly developed character relationships will have you flipping through the pages and begging for more.


FYI: There is a glossary at the end of the book that’ll put to rest any confusion the reader may endure while surfacing through this great fantasy world. 




~ PD Alleva

Sci-Fi/Horror/Dark Fiction Author