The Rose Vol 1

The Rose Vol 1
The Rose Series

The rose is a meditation practice used by alchemists. Alchemy is the ability to transform chemical structures. Also a useful tool when battling alien vampires.

World War Three has ended. The treaty has been signed and peace in America should finally become a reality. Only nothing has changed. In fact, the safety camps set up during the war have only gotten worse. Foreign and domestic soldiers have taken the children and pregnant women to an undisclosed location. 

Sandy Malone was in one of those camps. Pregnant, frightened and lost she was identified by a soldier to be relocated, and that's when all hell broke loose. Phil, a stranger she'd never seen before, tore into the camp and rescued her before she could be transported away from her husband, Ben. 

Now she's alone with Phil, holed up in a small motel room where they stopped for a needed rest on their way to a rebellion camp in Atlanta. When they arrived the industrial area had been barren, a wasteland left by the war. But in the short time since they arrived, the compound outside the motel became teemed with military life. Soldiers keep American men and children locked behind a chain link fence, killing anyone older than fifty. 

When Sandy is captured she is brought below ground. Now a subject of experimentation, Sandy discovers her unborn child has been taken by alien Greys, a species commanded by a race of alien vampires who call themselves Dracs. Even worse are the American scientists working in tandem with the alien species. 

Phil, a soldier in the human rebellion, follows Sandy below ground. He's aware of the alien/human alliance. Aware of the plan to turn human beings into slaves, developing addictive pharmaceuticals that disintegrate gray matter in the human brain, turning humans into zombified easy to control programmed workers required to serve the alliances larger plan. A plan for interstellar domination. 

Now Phil is confronted with finding and securing Sandy after the mishap in the motel. Knowing full well what possible alien species exist below ground, Phil is confident his training in Kabudo Tangfu will be enough to battle the races below ground. Unfortunately, his discipline with the rose as a weapon has alluded him. 

Will the alien/human alliance continue to change the fate and future of humanity? Will Phil learn the secrets of the rose? Is he strong enough to battle the aliens on their own ground? Will Sandy succumb to alien vampire mind manipulation? Will her baby be safe?

The Rose is the first installment in a seven book interconnected series.