Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer

Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer
Beyond the Chamber Door Book 2
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A tale of faith, redemption and timeless love!

One known terrorist. A protest about to erupt. A family on the brink of collapse. Is the bond between husband and wife strong enough to defeat evil?

Kelli Denemer would do anything to keep her family together. But tough times have landed on their doorstep and her husband, Gerri, just can’t seem to pull it together. He’s always battled his demons, but lately it seems they’ve taken over. As the world watches an escalating protest over a known terrorist’s extradition, Kelli uncovers she’s the target of a sinister plot involving Gerri and the terrorist that will lead to World War III. A plot that centers on Kelli.

When she discovers Gerri is missing, Kelli sets out to find him, confronting hate and fear as she fights to save her family and stop World War III. 

Blending a psychological journey with spiritual mysticism, PD Alleva has created a beautifully crafted dark love story complete with suspense and inspiration in the tradition of The Alchemist, Life of Pi and The Shack.

Series features Independent Stand-Alone stories with each installment

Themes Include: Gothic horror, classical horror, mainstream, dark fiction, mental illness, suicide, addiction, Inspiration, spirituality, philosophy, love and marriage.

Praise for Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer

"This is probably one of the most unique books I have ever come across. Alleva’s style of writing is complex and layered with a dark gravity that just weighs you down as you push through this emotional book. I mean every word of that last sentence as a compliment, by the way.

If you aren’t familiar with dark fiction or psychological thrillers, I would not recommend this book for you. In fact, I think it takes a certain amount of maturity and experience with psychological thrillers to fully appreciate this novel. Readers are given a front row seat to what happens when your dreams and your life crumbles like sand pouring between your fingers—right in front of you. 

When it comes to mental and emotional instability, there’s usually a religious undertone to it for the simple fact that many people suffering from “hearing voices” usually claim to hear from God or the devil. So, I think having various religious elements in this book works really well without having to limit the book to a religious genre. I think its petty that some readers would complain about having religion in a book, (maybe just read something else if it bothers you so much?) especially when it is a legitimate and pivotal part of the story—not just something the author threw in because they suddenly wanted to include their faith 72 pages into the book. If you aren’t mature enough to recognize the role that religion can play in mental illness, whether positive or negative, then I’d suggest grabbing one of those generic YA thrillers floating around with a best-seller’s sticker slapped onto the front. You might be able to handle that.

Religion aside, Alleva pushes the limit in this book; darkness, voices, eerie discomfort, even suicide plays a role here, darkly lurking over the protagonist’s shoulder. The truth and the painful sadness of mental illness is laid bare before readers and the slow-going onset of it is what draws you in. I loved that we watched this character progressively become something that he wasn’t before; it added to that dark element that anyone can change. 

I really enjoyed this book and give my highest praise for the message and the excellent writing presented here. I wish other readers had the ability to see its greatness, beyond that, I hope that someone is able to learn from this book and perhaps help others who might be hurting."

~ Valicity Garris (The Revel Christian Book Review)

"In Gerri's eyes, he's lost it all. His wife has deceived him and now she wants him to take an acting job that is so far below his station, it's laughable. He's prideful and he's hurt that his wife wants him to take this job, even though his past actions have put the family in a financially unstable situation. They have twin boys who need their father to fix his mistakes and garner some income.

But what if Gerri can't fix his mistakes or Kelli's? What if his pride and his inability to communicate with his wife is far too great of a price for him? That's what we explore in Presenting the Marriage, the cost of marriage, of communication and love, the cost of pride. Sometimes that cost is far too much, especially when we can't look past our own hurt.

Depression lies. If we take anything away from this book it's that mental illness is a cruel mistress, she tells us things that aren't true and sometimes when we're so far deep into the pit, we can't see anything past the hurt. It's that hurt that causes Gerri to commit suicide, and the book delves into the repercussions of those actions in a very interesting way. But with Kelli Anne and Gerri, their love is strong and sometimes, with the love of a good woman (or man), they can help pull us out of the pit.

I think this was extremely well written and I wonder if some of the other readers were able to look at the symbolism being presented to see the book for what it was. Could it be self-help? I don't quite think so, there's definitely a presentation of a way out, but the overall arc, that depression lies isn't revealed right off, we have to follow Gerri on his journey (and subsequently Kelli's as well). The creative way of slowly revealing information rather than all at once is what makes this such a great book because there are elements of horror that we wouldn't see if it was presented in any other manner. Very well done."

~ Rae's Reading Lounge Starred Review

“I put the book down and found myself thinking about the depths of the story. Wondering how the book would end. It was like a puzzle that I had to put together. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The more I read the more sense it made, and finally towards the end of the book the story came together beautifully. This book stimulates deep thought and a newfound curiosity into questions that the reader may have had put to rest. I finished this book feeling a calm stillness. Somehow, no matter what you believe, this book seems to make sense of the evil and the good in the world. An excellent read!" 

~ Davi Hadara, Independently Thinking

Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer is a disturbing yet alluring tale of two people trying to understand how they failed each other in marriage, and along the way, are faced with their own inner demons and shortcomings that led them to a near fate of self-destruction. This story is deep, dark, macabre, and at moments, quite disturbing, but Kelli Anne and Gerri are you and I and anyone else who has ever dealt with destructive relationships, and the road to redemption that leads us back to who we are meant to be. I recommend this book to anyone who might be in a damaging relationship, and needs to do some soul searching in order to fix what is broken, or simply move on.

PD Alleva is swiftly becoming a notable author in the horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, and I look forward to reading more from him. He is swiftly earning comparable status to HP Lovecraft and HG Wells, both of whom happen to be two of my favorite authors" 

~ Editorial Review