A Billion Tiny Moments in Time

A Billion Tiny Moments in Time
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Reviews for "A Billion Tiny Moments In Time..."

"Absolutely Phenomenal!" --Pete Montacute

"Such a valuable message." --Quintterio

"A Must Read...his writing takes you on a roller coaster of emotions..." --Magnificent_2

"The Most Inspiring Author of the Year!" --Judah Refugee

No, I don't know any of the above people who wrote those reviews.

Every family has its secrets! That part of our heritage which we struggle to keep to ourselves, never allowing outsiders to even take a peek into what our closets can reveal; holding fear at our fingertips to suppress the dark cauldron that is our family. To protect the past, and to keep our future safe. Thomas Bitmore understands family secrets, he's spent his life rebelling against his mother's success with the paranormal and the spiritual, aspects he's tried to keep from his wife and his children, denying his heritage and his sense of self in his efforts. But when his son is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Thomas is forced to confront his past to secure his families future.

A Billion Tiny Moments in Time… is a story of immortality. Tracing an upscale, prominent New York family over four generations, during periods of their rise, fall and ultimate redemption. A tear jerking narrative of unconditional love, compassion, and that what was lost can always be found again. It is a story of the struggle to accept family values, morals, and secrets, and the pain of coming out of the family shadow into individuality. We can only reach the light when we face the darkness. 

"This book will pull at your heart strings. It is a story that evokes powerful emotions and questions individual and family legacy, and how our actions weaken or strengthen that legacy over time. What is it that we should leave behind for future generations? A Billion Tiny Moments In Time is heartfelt, written with passion and purpose." Reader Review

Themes Include: Immortality, family saga, drama, mainstream, inspiration, spirituality, philosophy, love and marriage, supernatural.

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