Create a New Dimension: Five Easy Steps From The Theory Behind The OA



Warning: Spoiler alerts below. If you haven’t watched The OA, I highly suggest you do. If you don’t care, keep reading.


Have you ever made a decision you wish you could take back?


According to theories behind alternate dimensions, you already have. Just like when Prairie in The OA tells her story to the Michigan Five, dimension hopping has to do with choices. Season 2 reflects Prairie’s life after choosing not to get on the bus that ultimately left her blind in Season 1. It’s the choice that matters, just like the choices we all make in every day life. Our choices develop our conscious thoughts – the way we see the world through the eyes of our belief systems, which in turn is developed through our choices (standard programming aside).


The question then becomes: if we had made a different choice, what would be different about us? How would we think? How would we see the world? This is consciousness, the way our brains receive, interpret, and ultimately release into the physical world our perceptions based on experience derived from choice. 


The theory explains that there are choices in our lives that ultimately define our experiences. In your current dimension you’re living with the after effect of your choice, however – big however – the choice you did notmake has skewed into an alternate or parallel dimension where your life and outcomes are very, very different. 


What does Prairie have to accept and come to terms with in Season 2: Her consciousness in the new dimension, her life and experiences too. She spends most of Season 2 denying these experiences, avoiding them like a plague. However, it is only when she accepts the thoughts and experiences in this new dimension that she is able to connect in this new dimension. 


Now, let’s be real for a moment – although I don’t like real, I’m more comfortable with my head in the clouds – what follows is not going to change the physical reality you are living in, not immediately that is. You’re not going to change the people in your lives, but you can change the way your mind operates. You have the power to change YOU. Below are five steps you can implement to change the way you think.


Please keep in mind that our thoughts (coupled with emotions but that’s en entirely different blog) determine the choice we make, choice leads to experience, and experience manifests in new thoughts (or consciousness). So lets change dimensions; follow these steps:


  1. Identify the choice you wish you had not made
  2. Identify what the alternative was
  3. Contemplate what would be different about you? Most specifically, how would you think? What worries and concerns would no longer exist? What freedom of mind would you have? Would you be confident? Carefree? Successful? Happy? 
  4. Adopt this alternative mindset and conscious awareness. Develop a personal mantra; keep this thought process with you throughout the day. In fact, FEEL it click in your core as an element of personal truth.
  5. Act on it. 



Our actions validate our thoughts and beliefs. If a person who suffers from a low self concept continuously engages in actions that validate this belief, unfortunately, they’ll continue in this loop of self-deprecation. However, should this same person choose to feel confident and ACT on those thoughts and emotions they will begin to manifest a strong self worth, ultimately manifesting a new reality (or new dimension).  And here is the best part; you will continue to embody the lessons learned in your current dimension. Indicative of being reborn but with all the knowledge from your past life, much like Prairie becomes aware of her alternate life in Season 2 but continues to embody thoughts from the previous dimension, using the information and consciousness to her advantage.


Give it a try but remember consistency is key. 


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Hope you enjoyed my blog. Remember, not only do I write fiction, I’m also a retired hypnotist and behavioral psychotherapist, student of ancient philosophy and secret teaching. So many dimensions, so little time!



~ P.D. Alleva

SciFi – Horror – Dark Fiction - Author