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Literary & Non-Fiction

A Billion Tiny Moments in Time

A Billion Tiny Moments in Time… is a story of immortality. Tracing an upscale, prominent New York family over four generations, during periods of their rise, fall and ultimate redemption. A tear jerking narrative of unconditional love, compassion, and that what was lost can always be found again. It is a story of the struggle to accept family values, morals, and secrets, and the pain of coming out of the family shadow into individuality. We can only reach the light when we face the darkness. 

Themes Include: Immortality, family saga, drama, mainstream, inspiration, spirituality, philosophy, love and marriage, supernatural.
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Paul Alleva's gripping and psychological thriller, Indifference is the story of Bishop, a man with psychic ability, whose hallucinations have always seemed more real than the doctors who tell him otherwise. But on one cold night in Manhattan, Bishop begins to realize his ability, his gift, could be bestowed upon him to help others. 

Themes Include: Psychological, coming of age, mental illness, philosophy
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Let Your Soul Evolve

This self-help book guides the reader on a journey of personal growth in perception and belief systems. The reader is presented with precepts and writings that provide a new insights and perspectives on spirituality, healing and our inner world as spiritual beings.
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